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Lisa Spencer-Arnell C.E.O.

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Our mission is 5 fold:

Why? Fact, people perform better when they feel good about themselves.

What difference does this make for you and your organisation?

Greater connection, trust, collaboration &
co-creation, honest conversations, growth and expansion, outstanding performance, productivity and contribution, and ultimately bigger relationships creating bigger results.

Please contact me at or call me on (0044) 07968 312636

I have known Lisa now for over 12 months and in that I have had one to one sessions with her, she has worked with my team of 13 in a group session and I have seen her present at conferences. No matter what the format I always leave her company feeling energised, focused and capable to move mountains. Lisa’s a motivational and inspirational facilitator and coach. What she does makes a real difference to companies and individuals.

Lisa WhitworthArea Director at RBS

The results that we get

As a result of the work we do, organisations have leaders who are operating at their highest levels of productivity, impact and influence. Leaders have more peace of mind, more effectiveness and they feel happier at work. We work with organisations who are willing to invest in their bottom line by investing in the growth and success of their management team.
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We look forward to connecting with you.
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Confidence for Kids by Kids and Emotional Intelligence Coaching: Improving Performance for Leaders, Coaches and the Individual book covers

Making a Difference is at the heart of what we do and here’s an example of how we’re working with young people to grow self-esteem, belief and confidence. Children are our future –
tomorrow’s leaders!